This week’s Good, the Bad and the Ugly is being delivered by Tamara Belgard of Sip with Me.

The air was so heavy with dirt, with every breath; it coated your mouth and throat. It was so thick with tension; you couldn’t have swallowed it if you tried. It was a week of showdowns, barroom brawls and shoot-outs between the good, the bad and the ugly and once the dust settled, it was easy to see who had the quickest hands in the west.


The Good

Armed with only a spatula, Bill Eyer of Cuvee Corner flipped wine reviews upside down this week with his creative look at a box of wine and his anti-ABC Chardonnay prescription (be sure to heed those warnings though!).

Hosing most everyone down with his twisted take on the “Green Wine” movement is Ron Washman’s “A Healthy Brown Movement”. A post where the comment stream is as rich as the content, this article, though at first glance may appear to be just a load of crap, will actually make several significant points and might even teach you a new vocabulary word or two.


The Bad

Well, I may have finally discovered the reason I’ve been unable to close the deal in my employment search, and it’s bad. Very, very bad. Jon Troutman from Cork’d delivers a painful message in this article: Study finds that job applicants that drink wine are perceived as “less intelligent and less hirable”


The Ugly

Joe Roberts of 1WineDude called attention to what I feel is a very ugly and quite unpalatable marketing ploy by Hedges Family Cellars. The Red Mountain, Washington winery has apparently accepted seven people into their secret society… intriguing. These people wrote mission statements in a contest to win wine and other prizes… good. They’ve also had to agree to have the Mark of Red Mountain tattooed on their body in a supposed stance against the Parkerization of wines and the 100 point scale… just plain ugly. Not that I’m anti-ink, in fact, quite the contrary. I do believe one’s tat should be an individual expression, rather than something mandated by a winery to win a magnum and a fancy night on the town, but that’s just me.  What do you think?

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