Kaz-sep-schoolMost of you already know by now that I'm a huge fan of Natural Wine. I love the expressiveness of a wine that has been allowed to be itself, rather than pounded and manipulated into submission by chemicals and additives. I've been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to talk with several great proponents of a more minimal intervention approach to winemaking on this blog, and I got to have a fun chat with another great winemaker while I was at the Wine Bloggers' Conference this year.

Whenever you meet someone who goes by a single name, you know you are in for an interesting conversation. Kaz, most known for his role on Wine Biz Radio, is the personality behind Kaz Vineyard and Winery in Sonoma (don't you dare confuse his location with "that other valley"). One thing that you will see in anything that Kaz touches, is his sense of humor and personality. He is a fun guy to hang out with, and approaches his business with a joy and energy that is definitely contagious. He is also a big proponent of organic, Biodynamic, and natural winemaking. His approach to making wine is definitely focused on using as little chemical intervention as possible, and really letting the grapes express their natural characteristics and the terroir of the area. I sat down on the Wine Biz Radio couch with Kaz and talked about his winery and philosophy -

Image taken from kazwinery.com