When the temperatures start moving North here in Texas, my tastes gradually turn from red to white. The Summer heat makes many of my favorite reds darn near undrinkable for the next couple of months. So naturally I just stop drinking during the Summer, right? Sure.

One great variety for these hot summer days is the Austrian superstar white, Grüner Veltliner. I recently received some Grüner samples from crackerjack PR gal Constance Chamberlain from The Brand Action Team. One of the wines that I received was the 2008 Laurenz V Singing Grüner Veltliner.

This wine will set you back around $13. The alcohol comes in at 12%. The fermentation took place in stainless steel.

The nose on this wine has some interesting aromas of wet stone, lemon and lime, as well as some white pepper notes. The palate is light bodied, has some of the same citrus aromas, as well as some honey and apples (almost applesauce like). The wine is well balanced, with acidity and alcohol both in harmony.

At $13, it is hard to beat this wine for a hot Summer day. Refreshing and almost effervescent, this Grüner is not a one trick pony, and comes in at a price that makes it great for a weekday sipper. 

Wine Color: White
Sweet/Dry: Dry
Balanced? Well balanced
Alcohol: 12%
Primary flavors/aromas: Citrus, minerals, and pepper
Price: $13.00