The Good

There have been a lot of good posts about the recent #PinotNoir blowout that took place. The entire event was so much fun, and represents an international community Twitter event the likes of which I’ve never seen before. So, with all of the great posts on the event, how did I choose the one to feature here? Easy, I picked the one that has a video that mentions my hometown of Lubbock, Texas. :) This video is from the WineTonite blog.

This is the first time I have ever heard Lubbock associated with a wine event before a national (okay, so international) audience. I also give this video props for another thing I haven’t seen before, Joe Herrig sporting his full title, “Joe Harrig CSW” (need some theme music for this, and maybe a little TV show intro vid).

BTW, I’m taking this opportunity to once more pimp my boy Ed Thralls effort to get a gig in Chile for Lapostolle. Give Ed a hand in pursuing his wine dreams. Here’s how you can help.


The Bad

This might be cheating a bit, but I’m becoming an expert at that in this feature. I actually wrote a post that touched on this topic, but I wanted to give Jeff Lefevere another shout out for this great post on Biodynamics. The bad in this situation is all of the loss of civilized discourse that surrounds the topic of Biodynamics. I like Jeff’s “live and let live” approach to the question, and I think that the wine community at large probably feels the same way. Whether you like BioD wines or not, it seems like a little civility never hurt any conversation.


The Ugly


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I pretty much relegate anything Glenn Beck straight into my own personal “Ugly” pile. Dr. Vino draws a great comparison between the “sky is falling” scare tactics being employed in the Great Cork Debate to Mr. Beck’s own brand of screwcap thinking. This leads nicely into one of my favorite videos from the Colbert Report, so enjoy -

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