The Good

The good this week goes out to the wine community that participated in the #pinotnoir Twitter tasting last night. I think that anything that provides an excuse for drinking some great Pinot deserves to occupy this space. I would especially like to note the power trio of Ed Thralls from Wine Tonite, Tamara Belgard from Sip With Me (made sure I got your URL right this time), and Joe Herrig from Suburban Wino, who did most of the heavy lifting for the event. Great job guys, and thanks for bringing this together, and involving so many people from the online wine community.


The Bad


The Bad goes out to the reprehensible human beings, really the miserable excuses for human beings, who vandalized the Salinia Wine Company/Natural Process Alliance sign. This act of aggression against natural wine will not stand, man. Thanks to Hardy Wallace (Dirty South Wine and the NPA) and Stanko the synthetic winery cat for making us aware of the situation.


The Ugly

Is there really anything uglier than despair? I don’t think so. My heart breaks for any human being who enters into the forests of despair, whether it be in their personal life, or even their sports allegiences. Given my compassionate nature, it is with a heavy spirit that I watched Josh Wade’s (Drink Nectar) midseason update on his Under $10 Wine team. Just listen to Josh’s guitar rendition of Take Me Out to the Ballgame. Can you hear the sorrow, the despair of a man who is unfortunate enough to root for not only the Seattle Mariners, but also the Washington Redskins? Such brokenness in a man is just sad to watch. </kickingamanwhenheisdown>