Photo courtesy of Constance Chamberlain

After being constantly bombarded over the last couple of days by beautiful images of Greece on Facebook, thanks to my friends Joe Roberts (1WineDude), Constance Chamberlain (Wine Connoisseur 101), and Joe and Amy Power (Another Wine Blog), I have decided that I should post a review of a Greek wine in their honor.

The crew who is currently in Greece is there for a press junket for Wines of Santorini and the Brand Action Team. Joe Roberts has written a great post that outlines what's going on, as well as specifying some challenges that he thinks Greek wines have in the US.


ASYRTIKO_BOTTLEThe wine that I am tasting is the 2008 SantoWines Assyrtiko, an indigenous white variety that is common on the island of Santorini. This bottle was supplied to me as a sample for review by the aforementioned Constance, PR Gal extraordinaire. The wine comes in at 12.8% alcohol and retails for somewhere around $20.

The nose on this wine is a little on the shy side, with some lemony citrus components and a touch of mineral headlining. The palate is dry, with more citrus, but oddly not much acid. The minerality really surfaces more prominently on the palate. I definitely think this wine SCREAMS for shellfish, but I am drinking with some chicken, and it's not too bad.

I would heartily recommend that everyone try an Assyrtiko wine if they haven't already, and this one seems like a great place to start. For all of the reasons that Joe outlines in his post, Greek wines have not been very accessible to the mainstream American consumer, but I am a firm believer in trying new things. With Summer starting to set in, I recommend cooking up some shellfish and popping the cork on some Assyrtiko next time you have the opportunity.