At this point this is all very much hearsay, but I spoke to a source today who said that the sale of Cap*Rock winery to Gruet that had been reported earlier on this blog is in jeopardy. Again, this has not been substantiated yet.

For now I don't really have anything concrete on this, but I will be looking into it further. I'm hoping that this rumor is false. I will post new information as it arises.

Update - I continue to hear rumors from various sources that there is a problem with the Cap*Rock sale, but have yet to get anything definite on the subject. Until we hear something from the lawyers involved, or a press conference or press release is supplied, this can only be categorized as a rumor. I know that there have been several requests for information made to principles, and as soon as I hear the results of those requests I will pass on the information.

Update – Just to keep you guys in the loop. I am working with sources to get some information that I can run with. It does look like something is going on, but exactly where the deal stands seems to be an outstanding question. I don't have anything that I feel comfortable reporting yet, but hope to have more news later today (7/26) or by tomorrow AM (7/27).

Update – This is now a confirmed story. There was a press conference on 7/27 that announced that the deal was dead, and that a new auction would take place. For details, see here.