It looks like the old axiom about smoke and fire is proving true in the case of the problems involving the sale of Cap*Rock Winery to Gruet. I posted late last week that there were rumors surfacing that the sale of the winery to Gruet was in jeopardy. Since that post I have been working with Russ Kane from VintageTexas to determine what was really going on. There have been many rumors flying around from multiple sources about the sale, but we have been unable to track down much in the way of hard facts until this morning.

Most of the leg work on this story was being done by Russ Kane, including numerous calls to lawyers and those in the Texas wine industry with an ear on the situation. We still don't have a lot in the way of details, but Russ was able to confirm this morning that there was going to be a hearing this morning with Judge Robert Jones to request a new auction for the property. He has posted details on VintageTexas.

Hopefully we will be able to give more information as the day goes on.