HardyOne of the great things about the 2010 Wine Bloggers' Conference was getting to meet and hang out with some really awesome wine people from around the country. One of the guys that I have always wanted to meet is Hardy Wallace of Dirty South Wine, Murphy-Goode, and now NPA (Natural Process Alliance) fame.

Hardy went from being a total rock star to being an even bigger rock star when he emerged victorious from the Murphy-Goode contest for A Really Goode Job. The gig got Hardy relocated to California, where he did some great work for Murphy Goode. When his tour of duty was up with MG, he decided not to stay on with the winery, and instead ventured out on his own. Part of this transition involved working with the NPA, or Natural Process Alliance, a winery owned by Kevin and Jennifer Kelly. The NPA is all about natural wine making, and with a decidedly local focus. NPA wine is never sold outside of 100 miles, and it comes in kanteens. Those aren't the only factors that separate this wine from other wines though, as a quick glance at the juice will indicate. The wine is completely unfiltered and unfined, which means that you will see a nice cloudy haze in a glass of NPA wine. All of these factors have really fascinated me to no end, being the fan of natural wine that I am. I could keep going on, but I'll just let you hear about it from the man himself -

What are your thoughts on natural wine making? Do you go out of your way to purchase natural, organic, or biodynamic wines?

Photo taken from VinTank