Things have been hopping recently for the folks at Duchman Family Winery. First, they started up their Movie in the Vineyard series, which sounds like a ton of fun, then they put the finishing touches on their name change (from Mandola Estate Winery), and then they pull down some major praise for their 2008 Dolcetto, which won Double Gold at the San Francisco International Wine Competition. All in all, it seems like exciting times at the Driftwood Texas winery.

I had actually heard about the impending name change from my friend Clint Bingham a while back, and then I started seeing the news on Twitter and the Duchman Family Winery blog. I have been intending to post the news, but got a little buried in the mad dash to the Wine Bloggers' Conference, and subsequent WBC posts. Thanks to Jeremy Parzen of DoBiachi fame for snapping me out of my lethargy, and reminding me about the change.

Drs. Lisa and Stan Duchman recently made the decision to part ways with their partners in Mandola Estate, and have adopted the eponymous name for their solo journey into the world of Texas wine. The wines will still be made by the same team of Dave Reilly and Mark Penna, and my co-pilot on the Taste Texas Twitter event, Bill Elsey, will continue to rock the tasting room and manage sales for the winery.

Congratulations to the Duchman folks on their transition, and on their big will in San Francisco. Great to see Texas wines performing well on an international scale.