I had been wanting to catch up with Joe Roberts all weekend at the Wine Bloggers Conference, and it just never really happened. We were all so busy, and on top of all the mayhem, Joe was busy dealing with some sadness on the homefront, as his dog passed away while he was out of town. As a dog owner, I can understand how difficult a time he was having diving into the full experience of the conference. Given all of this, I was excited to hear that Joe was going to be riding in the car with me and Josh Wade on the way to Spokane.

For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of talking to Joe, he is a ridiculously nice guy, and is fun to chat with about anything from wine, to music, to sports. We had a really interesting conversation about wine education and specifically about the need for bloggers to be able to recognize faults in wine. Despite all the interesting conversation that we had, when I went to pull out the camera to grab a quick interview, my brain went blank on specific questions to talk with him about. Fortunately, Josh was Johnny on the spot and jumped in with a few questions. Let's talk Greece, Wine Blog Awards, and Pittsburgh Steelers with Joe Roberts -