As I have seen my trip out to the Pacific Northwest next week rapidly approaching, I have started to become somewhat overwhelmed with the preparation still underway, much like my friend Joe describes in his most recent Suburban Wino blog post. Granted, my anxiety is mostly due to the ridiculous procrastination regimen that I have put myself on in the past few weeks. I have done some high level consideration of the content of my panel talk, even jotting down some notes, but I am a damn sight short of "ready".

Further adding to the stress, I have a touch of performance anxiety, as this is my first experience with being on a panel like this. I do feel somewhat heartened by the fact that I will be sharing the stage with two immensely talented bloggers. I consider Joe to be one of the most unique and fun bloggers on the scene right now, and since I've been talking with Andrew Lazorchak from Vineyard Vlog I've found him to be a super passionate and driven wine guy. I'm just going to try to get up there and not embarrass myself, but it should be fun either way.

The general theme of this panel seems to be coming together as, "Be all that you can be", or really putting yourself into your blog. There are so many facets to this, and I think that each of us have a different spin on how to do that. For my part, I find that one of the keys is stepping outside of the Twitter machine and Facebook every once in a while and gathering some real world chops. The relationships and experiences that you make in the real life can lead to an even richer online presence, and I plan on looking into some examples of how I think that takes place.

Feel free to chime in with your thoughts on this. I'm still developing my presentation, and I'd love to hear some examples and feedback on this topic.