ViognerlabelThere are many events in this life that seem to call for a celebratory drink, and perhaps none falls higher on the list than the birth of new child. My vino amigo Joe, aka the Suburban Wino, aka the wild unbranded calf of wine blogging, just became a proud papa yesterday (though I hear that his wife did all the hard work.) In honor of the new arrival, Olivia Herrig, I'm drinking some Georgia wine. Sláinte


Through some covert cloak and dagger type stuff, Joe managed to get me a bottle of 2008 Montaluce Vineyards Viognier from his home state of Georgia a while back. I've actually been Twitter friends with Montaluce Vineyards (@MVineyards) for quite a while, so I was very excited to have the opportunity to try some of their wine. I also love me some Viognier this time of year, so this all seems like a win-win-win situation.

Montaluce BottleThe Montaluce Viognier has a nice golden hue to it (not sure why, but describing something as "golden" always makes me want to use the word "hue" immediately afterward.) The nose is somewhat closed for a Viognier, but I do find the normal floral and tropical notes peeking through, with banana, apricots, and honey all making an appearance. Full bodied, with a round palate that has a touch of residual sugar and not a ton of acid, I get some citrus and some good spice notes.

This Viognier is a pleasant patio sipper, and is certainly a nice glass to raise to little Olivia's entry into the world. I wasn't able to track down the price on this wine, but I do have to share the bad news that it is showing to be sold out on the Montaluce website. I think that this wine shows the potential of Viognier in Georgia. Viognier has shown itself to be one of the most promising white varieties here in Texas, and I assume that Georgia has some similarities to Texas when it comes to climate. This is the first vintage of Viognier for Montaluce, so I would expect future vintages to show continuing improvement. Looking forward to trying more of the local flavor from Georgia.

Wine Color: White
Sweet/Dry: Mostly dry (~1.5% RS)
Balanced? Fairly well balanced, though I might prefer a touch more acidity.
Alcohol: 12%
Primary flavors/aromas: Tropical, floral, touch of citrus
Price: Sold out, unfortunately, and not sure on the original price. Will update when I find out.