The Good

No contest this week, the Good is brought to us by the good peeps at Swirl, Smell, Slurp. Her posts an awesome remix on an Eric Asimov post from last week. SSS has been rightly nominated for Best Graphics, Photography, or Presentation in the Wine Blog Awards, and this post is an example of why. I’m not going to reprint the picture, because you HAVE to go look at their site and see this amazing (and probably time-consuming to create) work of art.


The Bad

The Bad this week comes from a somewhat different source than I usually find. Rod Dreher is a social commentator and author of the book Crunchy Cons. I have enjoyed his unique perspective on a number of issues over the years, and thought this post in response to an article by Steve Koplan on Salon about the effects of climate change on the wine world was pretty interesting. The effects that climate change could have on the terroir of growing regions around the world could be quite drastic over time. That could certainly just mean that a new terroir for the regions will emerge, and that perhaps new quality wine regions will rise up, but there is a certain sadness to think about Burgundy having to move away from Pinot Noir to deal with the changing climates. I think that one of the most intriguing things about some of the classic wine regions is their tradition and history, and I find it sad to think about the loss of that.


The Ugly

For the second week in a row, my good friend Joe from Suburban Wino has an entry in TGTBTU, this time for his hilarious post on Wednesday about cooking up a truly ugly critter. One of the things that I love about Suburban Wino is the really interesting food posts that Joe writes, and this is one of the most interesting yet. I also think that Joe may well be the most crazy-ass funny wine blogger on the planet, which sure doesn’t hurt.