The Good

There was a great post on Good Grape this week about a topic that is near and dear to my heart, localism. I have always been a huge proponent of anything local. I always prefer to spend my hard earned money at a locally owned business, and on locally produced products, instead of a mega-chain whenever possible. As a wine lover in West Texas, I often find myself in a little bit of a quandary. Although there are many Texas wines that I really enjoy, you still find that the best wines in the world are produced in far flung locations, such as France, Italy, California, etc. A strictly local wine diet would definitely put a cap on the quality of wine that most people would be able to drink, not to mention the limits that it would put on varieties of wine that you would be able to try. Jeff Lefevere discusses the local/global/”Ghandi” (I love everything) perspectives on wine in the post, and asks some really good questions. Fun topic for discussion.


The Bad

The Bad this week goes out to some totally unnecessary products that were pointed out by the inimitable Katie Pizzuto on her Gonzo Gastronomy blog. I totally agree with Katie when it comes to single purpose kitchen items. They are a ridiculous waste of space, and I also find them to be an unnecessary use of resources on a worthless item that will doubtless end up in a landfill in the near future. Kudos to Katie for pointing them out in her usual gonzo style!


The Ugly

I’m finding that as I get older, I’m not always in the loop when it comes to the newest pop culture news. I’m the guy who recently announced that “I don’t get this Lady Gaga thing“. Yes, I’m really that much of an old man. Well, I also don’t keep up to date on the newest television shows as well as I used to, and was introduced this week to Tosh.0 after watching the final game of the Stanley Cup finals with some friends. One of the videos on the show looked remarkably like a flashback to my early 20s, which is probably what happened to my ability to follow new pop culture developments.