If the wine blogging world were a high school, I would expect to see Josh Wade's picture in the Most Likely to Succeed category of the yearbook.  Josh and I started blogging around the same time, and it has been a lot of fun to see what he has done in such a short period of time. He has quickly accumulated a substantial following on his blog, has become a fixture in the Washington wine scene, and is nothing short of a Twitter rockstar. Josh will be one of the national guest bloggers that will be participating in the Taste Texas tasting this Thursday. I asked Josh a few questions recently, and here is what he had to say:


Nectar1Vinotology: Okay, you have one paragraph to describe your blog, how would you do it?

Drink Nectar: Passion for wine and coffee with a specific intention to build a brand for future business endeavors. My blog focus starts in Spokane, WA then branches out to the rest of the Northwest and the amazing wine world beyond. I love using the blog to connect people to the Spokane wine scene and also to share what I’m learning about social media along the way.

Vinotology: How long have you been blogging?

Drink Nectar: Since November 11, 2009. I went on a trip to Vegas with Gary Vaynerchuk’s “Crush It” in tow and came back fired up about establishing my own personal brand.

Vinotology: What was the wine that changed your wine life?

Drink Nectar: I’ve been asked this question before and it resulted in a blog post. The short answer is a $12 bottle of Meridian Merlot. The long and romantic story can be seen here.

Vinotology: What is something that readers can get from your blog that they might not find elsewhere?

Drink Nectar: That is a very tough question because there are so many great wine writers out there. I recently said that more information is shared in one day across twitter than in a whole year’s subscription to any major wine magazine. For me, I try to be consistent. You’ll find a similar format to each of my video’s, reviews, etc. I also try to throw some creative writing and even a little controversy from time to time. Readers will definitely see a Eastern Washington focus, but it’s way more than that.

Vinotology: Tell me about the wine scene in your area.

Drink Nectar: In a word…growing. Spokane is home to 17 wineries including one of the first 20 in the state (Latah Creek) and one of the largest family owned wineries (Arbor Crest). There are now 10 wineries in the downtown core which perpetuates activity and growth. Wine grapes don’t grow well in Spokane, although Arbor Crest grows some of the grapes used for their sparkling wine here, so almost all of the grapes come from the various appellations across the state. To quote our visitors bureau, “Spokane’s wineries are literally bursting their barrels with bold new blends, varietals with verve and too many national awards to list here. Barrister Winery won Best Wine of Competition – at the Los Angeles Wines of the World Competition for their 2002 Cabernet Franc.  Robert Karl Cellars was recently recognized as one of the top 100 wineries by Wine & Spirits Magazine.  Arbor Crest Wine Cellars was named by Wine Spectator as one of the ‘Top 50 Wineries in the World Every Wine Lover Should Know.’  Many of our winemakers have fascinating personal stories…and many keep their day jobs as lawyers, anesthesiologists and psychologists.” Spokane and surrounding area is home to about 500,000 people. We’re often over-looked because of the big population on the west side, but we’re a great host city to events like Bloomsday (50,000 person road race), Hoop-Fest (world’s largest 3-on-3 basketball tournament), NCAA tournaments, and recently the 2010 Figure Skating Championships.

Vinotology: Have you experienced Texas wine before? If so, what is your impression (be honest). If not, what are your expectations for the event?

Drink Nectar: I’ve never had any Texas wine. My expectations run pretty high because of the great work that this interviewer, dallaswinechick.com and vinegeek.com. I’m very excited, can’t wait to explore a new area of our country and then share it with people who read DrinkNectar.

You can check out Josh's blog at www.drinknectar.com, and should also check him out on Twitter.