We are just a week away from the first Taste Texas Twitter event with Mandola Estate Winery, and I thought that it would be a good idea to profile a few of the bloggers who will be participating in the event with me.


WinoJoe Herrig is the one and only wily unbranded calf of wine blogging, launching his assault on eonological boredom from his roost at www.suburbanwino.com. Joe's writing is some of the most entertaining that you will find on any wine blog, mixing top notch wine knowledge with a dash of humor and pop-culture savvy. I asked Joe a few questions recently.

Vinotology: Describe your blog in a single paragraph, now go!

Suburban Wino: "Suburban Wino" was born out of general boredom, delusions of grandeur,
and a desire to poo on the perception that folks outside the city lack
street cred in the arena of fine food and drink. I didn't really start
with any sort of vision (not that I have any now), and it wasn't even
really a "wine blog" back in the wonder years.  Eventually, the blog
evolved (or devolved) into what was my voice:  an immature, slovenly,
unsophisticated brute who happened to read some wine books, drink some
bottles, and go after accreditation, thus making him an expert in his
own mind.  Being as hackneyed as I possibly can, SW intends to take the
snobbery out of wine.  If an idiot like me can find real appreciation in
tasty rotten fruit juice that has booze in it, then how can it possibly
be intimidating?  At the very least, I hope to bring a little
entertainment to those shackled to a daily corporate gig.  Or, none of
that at all.

Vinotology: How long have you been blogging?

Suburban Wino: Started the blawg in August of 2008, then started writing in December of
2008.  I'm a voracious self-starter.

Vinotology: What was the wine that
changed your wine life?

Suburban Wino: I think a visit to Napa on our honeymoon was the "Eureka!" moment.  I
just recall everything tasting so good.  I figured if everything in Napa
was good, and we'd hit about 0.001% of the wineries in the state, then
there were probably a lot more good wines to taste from California, and
probably the rest of the country, and probably the rest of the world,
especially those fancy-schmancy French ones.  Now, if I had to put my
finger on "one" wine out there that did it, I'll go with Duckhorn
Estate-Grown Merlot.

Vinotology: What is something that readers can
get from your blog that they might night find elsewhere?

Suburban Wino: Lately, what wine to drink while watching the late, great Patrick
Swayze's "Roadhouse".  Actually, I try to pull the unsuspecting reader
in with a bit of comedy or obscure references, hoping to elicit a "where
the hell is he going with this?" response.  In the end- if I've dotted
my T's and crossed my I's- the reader has been tricked into learning
something about wine.  I hope suburbanwino.com is like the "educational toys" of
the blog world:  the unpleasant taste of learning, candy-coated in a fun
and non-toxic package.

Vinotology: So, lay it down for me. Talk about the Georgia wine scene.

Suburban Wino: Being the only Atlanta native (I swear no one in this town is originally
from here), I have fierce pride for anything from the state of Georgia.
 Yes, I do feel obligated to stick up for "The Real Housewives of
Atlanta", Waffle House, "Deliverance", Freaknik, Jimmy Carter's
Presidency, and "Pants on the Ground".  For this reason, I'm incredibly
proud of what's growing in Georgia- especially in the North Georgia
mountains, where vitis vinifera seems to thrive.  No, the wines don't
taste like wines from California or Australia, but if any of us give a
damn about the concept of terroir, then these wines should taste unique.
 Furthermore, if you really dig into what a winemaker, vineyard
manager, field worker, and/or cellar rat goes through to turn a bud on a
vine into a bottle of wine, you've got to at least respect the effort.

Vinotology: Have you
experienced Texas wine before?

Suburban Wino: Never had Texas wine, but I've heard good things. I fully expect these
wines to be the ultimate pairing for chili con carne, beef brisket, and
chicken-fried steak. I assume they will give me the strength of Sam
Houston and Jim Bowie combined, the wisdom to find the basement at the
Alamo, and an enjoyment as big as Texas itself.

Be sure to check out www.suburbanwino.com. I think that you will especially enjoy his two part series of movie and wine pairings. Also make sure to follow along for the tasting on Twitter with the hashtag #tastetexas. The tasting will start on Thursday, May 13th at 7:00 pm CDT. For more details, and to register for the event, visit the EventBrite page for Taste Texas.