The Good

I don’t think that there is a blogger out there who more seamlessly meshes pop-culture and wine than that wily, unbranded calf (he prefers the term “maverick”) of wine blogging, Joe Herrig of Suburban Wino. This week he has done it again, with a great analysis of the series finale of Lost. While I didn’t find it quite as unsatisfying as Joe did, I can definitely understand his criticism, and love the way that he compared the episode to a corked bottle of classic wine.


The Bad

For those of us who are self-proclaimed winos, there is little that chills the bones like reports of weather threatening the grapes in the largest wine region in the country. Brian Wing from Norcal Wingman (one of my favorite new blogs) has a great post detailing the struggles that Sonama County is having with some ill timed moisture and cool weather.


The Ugly

This week I let a glass of wine…, or four, cloud by judgment. My wife took advantage of this to get me on film entertaining myself down from a state of toastedness. I’m usually a little reluctant to allow filming of potentially embarrassing moments, but this week I not only allowed filming, but am sharing my embarrassing moment online. I decided that I would use this footage to kick off my newest series, “Slightly Toasted Commercial Performance Art”.