Okay, so I’m a couple of days late. Things have been out of control in my world for a few weeks now, and with all the hubbub at work, and the rush to make it through Taste Texas, I just ran out of day to get this done on Friday. I know that many of you plan your entire week around this feature (I’m just kidding btw), so I didn’t want to let you all down by completely skipping it this week. Therefore, here it is -


The Good

Call me self serving, call me an arrogant bastard, call me…, whatever, you get the picture. I’m picking Taste Texas as the Good this week. I really think that the participants in this event had a good time, and hopefully learned a little bit about Texas wine. Mandola Estates was wonderful to work with on this event, and really did a great job of fielding questions and comments about their wines. There were over 50 participants on Twitter, and I know that there were a few tweetups that took place as well, meaning that there were many others tasting along with us. We had a group of 10 tasting here in Lubbock. Thanks to everyone who participated!


The Bad

Wolverine06Steve Paulo from Notes From the Cellar posted an outstanding review that will serve in proxy for all of the wines that fit into this category: “Wines that are liars”. We’ve all had them, those tricksy wines that offer up appealing aromas on the nose, only to assault your palate like Wolverine going all berserker on some bad guys. Sometimes the flavors are brutally awful, and sometimes they are just as brutally underwhelming, but they are all liars. Thanks for reminding us of their insidious presence Steve.


The Ugly

Our old friend The Wine Whore tweeted a new blog post the other day, this time from his partner in crime, Le Food Whore, in which he contrasts himself with Rachel Ray, an only slightly greater food icon than himself. This may sound innocuous at first, but unfortunately there is photographic comparison that launches this item squarely into the category of ugly. If you are of a weak constitution, I recommend that you look away now.

Rachel Ray Le Food Whore
Rachel_ray FoodWhore