I've mentioned before, and it comes as no surprise to anyone, that the Texas wine biz is just a little bit different from what you would see in a lot of other places. Last night I got another taste of one of those differences.



003La Diosa Wine Cellars is the local haunt for winos here in my hometown of Lubbock, Texas. In addition to featuring some Texas wines, La Diosa is also one of Lubbock's great music venues. The music selection that you will find here from night to night is, well, eclectic. Last night I went to see a friend of mine from Dunn Center, North Dakota, named Chris "Sandman" Sand. Chris is know as "The Rapping Cowboy", and has been described by another friend of mine as a mixture of Woody Guthrie, Eminem, and Flight of the Conchords. He has traveled all over the country performing his mixture of cowboy folk music and hip hop. Although the first thing that probably comes to mind is something along the lines of Cowboy Troy, Sandman is something totally unique.

But…, before I go into too much detail on the Sandman, I want to talk a little bit about La Diosa, after all, this is a wine blog. La Diosa is owned by Sylvia McPherson, who is married to Kim McPherson, of McPherson Cellars fame. The McPhersons are pretty much wine royalty here in Lubbock, with Kim's father Clinton "Doc" McPherson having been one of the founders of Llano Estacado Winery. La Diosa features wines made by McPherson, as well as a selection of imported wines, and tapas. Last night I tasted the McPherson Tre Colores, a blend of Carignan, Syrah, and Viognier, and a McPherson Viognier.

Now, back to the music. I first met Chris Sand about a year ago at a house concert that my friend Andy Hedges hosted. His music is filled with great wordplay and humor, and comes from a diverse mixture of influences, ranging from Run DMC, to Bob Dylan, to a little punk rock and traditional cowboy music. A good portion of the music is humorous in nature, but there are also some great love songs and some topical and political songs. One thing that you can always say for Sand's music, is that is is interesting.

Sand is the focus of a new documentary that is premiering this weekend, called Roll Out Cowboy. You can learn more about the movie here. Be sure to check out www.rappincowboy.com to learn more about Chris Sand's music, and to read his entertaining blog. Here's the trailer for Roll Out Cowboy -

Roll Out Cowboy from Roll Out, Cowboy on Vimeo.