Llano Moscato LabelOn my visit to the Llano Estacado Winery last month, I was introduced to a new wine that they have just started making.  Executive Winemaker Greg Bruni and I tasted the Llano Estacado Moscato wine in their tasting room, and I purchased a bottle to try here at home as well.

This is definitely not the kind of wine that I normally buy, but it is hard to argue that it isn't delicious.  There is no doubt that this is a sweet wine, with the residual sugar coming in at about 10%.  This wine is made from Moscato
Bianco, or White Muscat grapes, and has had fermentation stopped early to maintain the sweeter flavor.  This stopped fermentation also causes the wine to have an effervescence due to higher CO2 levels than you would typically find in a still wine, but not quite high enough to be called a sparkling wine.  The wine is also made from a combination of grapes grown in Texas, New Mexico, and California.  Due to the fact that less than 75% of the grapes used in making the wine were grown in Texas, this wine is not a Texas appellation wine.

The way that Greg described this wine in the interview that I did with him was really spot on.  It's like you squeezed a Mandarin orange or a tangerine, and the spritz from the fruit is wafting in front of your nose.  Really nice aromas of orange and lime come across on the nose, and the palate leads to more of the same.  There is a crispness to this wine, as well as a fruity sweetness.  There is nothing terribly complex about this wine, but if you are looking for a nice Spring/Summer patio sipping wine, this is a great choice. 

Given that I don't really drink a lot of sweet wines, this is probably not something that I will open often, but I would certainly buy more of this one for those occasions when I'm looking for something on the sweeter side, and I think that a lot of people will really enjoy this one.  With Summer coming up, and the hot weather already starting to hit us here in Texas, I think that this is the right time of year to be enjoying this Moscato.  You should be able to find this wine for around $11-$14, and I think that is a pretty good price for it.

Just the facts -

Wine Color – White

Sweet/Dry?    Definitely Sweet

Balanced?      Yes, the acidity and the sweetness balance each other out nicely, and nothing seems to stand out as being imbalanced.

Alcohol          10%

Primary flavors/aromas - Citrus

Note: I'm obviously playing around with a new format for my reviews, so feel free to give me your feedback in the comments.  I'm always open to some constructive criticism.

This Moscato Bianco wine allowed me to check off another variety for
my Wine
Century Challenge
.  I now have reviewed 27 of 100 varieties, and
only have 73 to go!