If there is one thing that us Texans like, it's our beef. If there are two think that we like, it's beer and beef. Given that fact, it seems like Cary Franklin has found the perfect pairing. Cary is the owner of Sograte BBQ and Brew, a local business that specializes in BBQ and Home Brewing supplies, as well as making some damn fine beef jerky. I recently had the opportunity to meet up with Cary and see his new place, as well as taste some of his incredible BBQ.


JerkyBBQ is almost a religion in Texas and Cary built his temple himself, a beautiful smoker that will make you hungry just looking at it. In 2005 he started to cook competitively, and in that time he has finished top 10 in at least one category in every event he's participated in, and has won a Grand Champion in an event. Along the way, Cary started cooking up some beef jerky, which he sells all over the country, and has gotten rave reviews on. The natural thing that springs to mind when you think of beef jerky is the packages that you see in the checkout lines at the gas station convenience store, but Sograte jerky is something different. When I asked Cary about his jerky, he told me that his goal is to make a beef jerky that is a reflection of his Texas BBQ background. "Sograte
beef jerky isn't made with soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce marinade like
most other brands. Instead it is dry rubbed and hickory smoked, just
like real Texas style BBQ. All of the flavors use our competition
brisket rub as a base spice recipe for authenticity and consistency
through-out the flavor range." The jerky comes in Original, Black Pepper, Texas Heat, Smokin' Habanero, Chili Lime and
Teriyaki. I was able to try the Smokin' Habanero and Black Pepper flavors, both of which were delicious.

Cary has recently added another facet to his business, and has started selling home brewing supplies. He has been a brewing his own beers for quite a while and is a member of the local home brewing club. Lubbock has been without a brew supply shop for several years, so this seemed like a natural direction for the Sograte business to expand. When I was out at his shop, Cary was still in the process of getting his supplies into displays. He is also starting to carry winemaking supplies as well.

I love to see people who are able to direct their passions into building businesses, and Cary is one of those people. If you live in the Lubbock area and are interested in home brewing, you should definitely get in touch with Cary. He has everything that you need for brewing, whether you are looking for starter kits, or supplies. You can also order your home brewing supplies or beef jerky on his website. For anyone who would like to get a taste of Texas BBQ, Sograte beef jerky is a perfect alternative to actually flying out to Texas.

For more on Sograte BBQ's beef jerky, check out this blog post about some accolades that they have received recently. You should also check out Sograte BBQ on Twitter @sogratebbq and on Facebook.