Well, thus far the season has not gone well for my Oeno Slaughterers.  Nestled among the bottom quarter of the league for most of the season, I've finally started a bit of a rally.  In hindsight, my team could have done without any Astros representation, with Hunter Pence and Carlos Lee both batting well beneath the Mendoza Line.  I finally threw in the towel and made Carlos Lee someone else's problem by trading him away.  I also cut ties with Carlos Zambrano (beware of players named Carlos in 2010), and unfortunately my good friend Josh from Wine(Explored) has inherited that train-wreck, sorry Josh. :)

Anyway, for those you are interested, you can view the current standings here.  Right now Rick Searing's Corked Batsmen are running away with things, with Saves being the only category that they are not in the top 5 in.