There are a lot of things about Texas that make it different from the other wine producing regions of the United States. There are the obvious differences, such as our climate, and then there are the things that you have to look a little harder to find, like a winery that Wsb_252x254_Sister+Creek+Vineyardsresides within an old cotton gin.

Sister Creek has been making wine in Texas for 22 years in the bustling metropolis of Sisterdale (population 25), which is located in the Texas Hill Country. Most of the wines that Sister Creek produces are the old French standards, but they also produce an Italian style Muscat Canelli. This is the second Muscat in this style that I have had in the last couple of months, and I've found these frizzante desert wines to be pretty enjoyable departures from my usual fare.

This wine costs around $13 and comes in at 9% alcohol. This wine is labeled as "For sale in Texas only", which means that less than 75% of the grapes in the wine were grown in the state of Texas. There are a few vineyards growing Muscat in Texas, but I haven't seen very many wines of this variety being made from all Texas fruit.

The nose of this wine is very fruity and floral, with lots of peach and melon notes, as well as a touch of citrus. On the palate, I get more peach and lime, along with a little bit of a tropical component. The flavors are sweet and lively, perfect for desert on a nice summer day.

Just the facts -

Wine Color: White
Sweet/Dry: Sweet
Balanced? Well balanced, with a nice mixture of sweetness and acidity.
Alcohol: 9%
Primary flavors/aromas: Stone fruits, floral, tropical
Price: $12.95