The Good

This week The Good is brought on by a response to something that is definitely The Bad. This post will probably be largely representative of a single issue today, but from different angles.

The issue is HR 5034, the bill that is designed to undermine consumer choice in wine shipping, and to destroy the public’s access to normal processes of challenging bad public policies in this arena. So, you are probably asking yourself what could possibly be good about this? The silver lining in this black cloud has been the grassroots response that has been generated in this community. The Twitterverse and Blogosphere (yes, I just used both of those terms in one sentence) have been inundated with calls to action, and reports of action being taken to stop this horrible travesty of a bill. There is no way that I will be able to hit every blog that has done a great post on this topic, but I will name a few: Drink Nectar, VinTuba, Wine(Explored), Dr. Vino, Fermentation, and Another Wine Blog are good places to start. There are also great online resources and communities for this issue, such as the Facebook StopHR5034 page, and the Free the Grapes site. We need to let our voice be heard, and I can tell by the response that a lot of people are making a lot of noise on this issue.


The Bad

Quite simply, The Bad this week is this piece of legislative feces that has been introduced into our public debate. Not much else to be said.


The Ugly

Health-overhaul-baby-killerptjpg-40b7dd43c3f948e4_largeThe Ugly belongs to any representative who would support this bill, and many thanks to Josh Wade from Drink Nectar for posting a list of names and contact information for the sponsors of this bill. As a resident of Lubbock, TX, I would like to issue a special shout out (not of the positive variety) for my representative, Mr. Randy Neugebauer for appearing on this list. A look at this list will show that there are plenty of representatives from both parties who are in the back pocket of the Alcohol lobby. Thanks to Josh for allowing me to reprint this list here. If your rep is on this list, make an additional effort to get everyone you know to contact them and voice their opposition to this bill.

Name R/D State Phone Facebook Twitter
Robert Andrews D NJ-1 202-225-6501 Robert Andrews
Jason Chaffetz R UT-3 202-225-7751 or  801-755-0827 Jason Chaffetz @jasoninthehouse
Howard Coble R NC-6 Howard Coble @coble4congress
Henry Cuellar D TX-28 202-225-1640 Henry Cuellar
Lincoln Davis D TN-4 202-226-5172 Lincoln Davis
Bill Foster D IL-14 202-225-2976 Bill Foster
Raymond Green D TX-29 202-225-1688
Ruben Hinojosa D TX-15 202-225-2531 Ruben Hinojosa
Paul Hodes D NH-2 202-225-5206 Paul Hodes
Jesse L Jackson Jr. D IL-2 202-225-0773 Jesse Jackson Jr
Walter Jones R NC-2 202-225-3415 Walter Jones
Dale Kildee D MI-5 202-225-3611 Dale Kildee
Connie Mack R FL-14 202-225-2536 Connie Mack @repconniemack
Michael McMahon D NY-13 718-351-1062 Michael McMahon @repmikemcmahon
Harry Mitchell D AZ 202-225-2190 Harry Mitchell @harrymitchell
Randy Neugebauer R TX-19 202-225-4005 Randy Neugebauer @randyneugebauer
William Pascrell D NJ-8 202-225-4061 William Pascrell
Mike Quigley D IL-5 202-225-4061 Mike Quigley @repmikequigley
Thomas Rooney R FL-16 202-225-5792 Thomas Rooney @tomrooney
Timothy Ryan D OH-17 202-225-5261 Tim Ryan @timryan
David Scott D GA-13 202-225-2939 David Scott @gaunfiltered
Clifford Stearns R FL-6 202-225-5744 Cliff Stearns @repcliffstearns
Betty Sutton D OH-13 202-225-5876 Betty Sutton
Bennie Thompson D MS-2 Bennie Thompson
Addison Wilson R SC-2 202-225-2452 Joe Wilson @congjoewilson