The Good

Joe Roberts from 1WineDude knows how to handle a no good, lousy, Wine-Monopoly legislative tool. Time to bring out the pimp hand and lay the smack down.  It just requires a little help from a document called the US Constitution, and one almost as important, Tom Wark’s Manifesto For Change In the Wine Industry.


The Bad

Kevin from Wine Dude Online (lots of wine dudes in this edition) recounts an experience that most certainly falls under the category of “bad”.  I really hate to see stories about truly awful customer service experiences.  The unfortunate thing for business owners is that people do not easily forget this kind of negative association with their business.  Hopefully the business really learns something from the experience, and from reading the review.


The Ugly

Okay, so maybe this seems self-serving, but watch this video and tell me that this isn’t the ugliest thing that you’ve seen in a while.  While I was out at my friend’s vineyard last week, I managed to get a nice mouthful of Texas dust.  Driving out there was like being in a John Steinbeck novel, or in the movie Dune.  Just like my friend Greg Bruni from Llano Estacado says, “It’s like growing grapes on Mars.”

That’s all I got.  Until next week, drink well, drink often, and drink local.