I have had so much fun doing this series with Josh from Wine(Explored), that finishing it up is a little bittersweet.  I loved getting to try some Virginia wines, and to learn more about the wine industry in Virginia.  Thanks for the memories Josh!

Today our last post is running on Wine(Explored).  I can say that for my part, I look forward to collaborating with Josh again in the future.  If you aren't already following his blog regularly, you are really missing out.  He's a great writer and an awesome person to interact with on these here interwebz.

Here are the previous posts from the Summit, in case you missed them the first time -

1: The Dawn of Cooperation
– opening arguments of Texas vs.
Virginia on Vinotology
2: The Great Tasting
– the Texas / Virginia wine swap on
3: Independent Research
– Texas hyping up Virginia and vice-versa
on Vinotology