DSCF2964On my recent video interview with Llano Estacado Winery, I promised a review of a few of their wines was coming soon.  So, maybe the "soon" part was a bit of an exaggeration, but I am finally getting around to getting some reviews posted. 

I originally thought about letting this one wait until a Mourvedre Monday, in honor of the national weekly holiday instituted by my friend Jim Wilkerson on his VineGeek blog, but I decided that I couldn't wait.  Mourvedre is one of the grapes in this blend, although it isn't the primary variety.

The 2008 Llano Estacado Signature Melange (I know, the name doesn't sound very appetizing), is a Rhone style blend comprised of 39.9% Syrah, 19.8% Carignane, 16.6% Mourvedre, 13.6% Grenache and 10.1%
Viognier.  The alcohol on this one comes in at 12.8%, and you can purchase for anywhere from $9-$11.  This wine is produced from all Texas grapes.

The nose on the wine is a really interesting mix of strong fruit components and some spicy and earthy notes.  I am getting lots of cherry and a touch of blueberry, as well as some cocoa and a bit of minerals.  There is an interesting musky aroma to the wine.  On the palate, this wine has plenty of fruit behind it, with more cherry leading the way.  There is also a touch of some game flavors, but this is primarily a fruit driven wine.  The wine is well balanced and food friendly.

I love wines from the Rhone, and this wine has a lot of the same characteristics that you often find in a wine from the Southern Rhone.  The Signature Melange is a pleasant wine for drinking by itself, but would also go really well with food, possibly with a nice pork tenderloin, as mentioned on the label of the wine.  I would certainly recommend this wine for $11 or less, and I will be buying it again in the future.