Cab_Franc_BR_04This review is another wine produced in Texas that is not truly a "Texas" wine, which is to say that it isn't made from the 75% Texas fruit that is required to be classified as a Texas Appellation wine.  Messina Hof is one of the largest producers of wine in Texas, and they have a mix of "Texas" wines and those labeled "For Sale in Texas Only".  This 2007 Messina Hof Cabernet Franc is one of the "For Sale in Texas Only" wines.

This wine weighs in at 13% alcohol and I paid about $9 for the bottle.

The nose of this wine is big and dark, with notes of blackberry and generally dark fruit and spices.  I also get a lot of oak and vanilla on this wine.  This is a full bodied wine, that is velvet smooth, but has some really big tannins.  On the palate I get more great blackberry flavors, some wild berries, and quite a bit of vanilla.

What can I say, this is a really enjoyable wine that only cost me $9.  I think that this is a good wine to use to introduce someone to Cab Franc.  It is certainly a good value, and I think that a lot of people will really enjoy it.  I say this is a definitely one to give a try.

Final Grade (1-5)