In honor of Texas Independence Day, I decided that it was my duty as a Texan to drink a little Texas wine last night.  It's not like I really ever need an excuse to drink Texas wine, but I'll take one anyway.  My selection is the 2008 McPherson Cellars Sangiovese.  This wine is no stranger to me, but I haven't reviewed it here yet, so I thought I'd take the opportunity now.

This wine is made in Lubbock, Texas.  The alcohol comes in at 13.1%, and runs somewhere in the neighborhood of $16.

The nose on this wine is full of spices, with black pepper and some slightly herbal notes.  I also get cherry, some raspberry and plums.  The palate is creamy, with more spice and dark fruits.  This wine has a very old world feel to it.  It is absolutely perfect when served with pizza or lasagna.  I'm drinking with some pizza, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to be forced to finish the whole bottle.  Yum!

I saw that this wine was one of the wines selected for the Texas wine tasting in New York yesterday, and I can understand why.  The McPhersons were early adopters on Sangiovese as a grape that would grow well on the High Plains of Texas, and have been making quality wines from this varietal for a long time.  I'm not sure what percentage of the grapes in this wine are from Texas.  The label says "For Sale in Texas Only", so I know that it's less than the 75% required to be labeled a "Texas Wine".  Regardless, this wine drinks very well, and I find it to be a good value at $16.

Final Grade (1-5)