The Good

I like funny things.  I find this video to be somewhat funny, green screen issues, pushing for Wine Spectator, and minor inaccuracies not withstanding.  That is all.


The Bad

Everyone in the world is going on an effing vacation, except me.  First it was Shannon Casey from Michigan by the Bottle, then it was The Wine Whore, now it’s Ed Thralls from Wine Tonite.  What about Ben, where is my vacation?

Update – Oh great, now another one. As you can see in the comments below, my friend Kevin from WineDudeOnline is also heading out on vacation.  Nice. :)


The Ugly

This is both hella awesome, and ugly, as it is always ugly to watch society crumble right before your eyes.  This also has nothing whatsoever to do with wine, but it was brought to my attention by @RonMarks (via @theChive).  Here’s a little “Then” and “Now” for you -

Cash-one Cash-two

That’s it for now, but I leave you with these words -

Drink well, drink often, and drink local.