Just thought this Twitter image was funnyLast Thursday I participated in the Twitter #SauvBlanc tasting event.  The event was a lot of fun, with hundreds of people tweeting thousands of times about the Sauvignon Blanc wines that they were drinking that night.  This event had followed up the #CaliCabs event that Rick Bakas from St. Supery Winery had put together a month beforehand, and leads into follow-up events #ttmi (Tweet and Taste Michigan) and #WAMerlot, as well as a Twitter blends event coming up next month.  I think these events are a great way for people to get to talking about different types of wines, and I especially love the regionally focused events, but I've started wondering if people are going to start getting burned out on having a major Twitter campaign going at all times for the next tasting event.  I think this is especially a question when you have multiple events going at the same time.  It appears that Rick Bakas is planning to set up one event per month, at least for the immediate future, and I expect to see an increase in regionally themed events coming up as well, which all makes me wonder whether the kind of traffic that we have seen in the most recent events will be sustainable, or if we will start to see Twitter Taste Fatigue set in.

I think that there will always be room for Twitter tasting events, but I also think that we are likely to see a decrease in participation in these major events, at least if they continue to be held at the frequency that they are now.  That's not to say that the events wouldn't be a success if there was a decrease, just that I think one might be coming.  Did you participate in the #CaliCabs or #SauvBlanc tastings, and do you plan on participating in #ttmi or #WAMerlot?  Do you think that I'm totally wrong about the possibility of burnout with these types of events?  Really interested to know what everyone thinks.

Note: I know that the image above is extremely loose in it's relation to the topic of the post, but I found it funny, so I ran with it.