RedwineThe bustle of activity over the last week has left me spent. I try to work up the energy to accomplish anything productive, but my strength fails me.  Just when I feel that all hope is lost, I post a simple message on Twitter, which reads, "Hmm, I'm starting to think that I'm not going to get a Wine Blogging Wednesday post together after all. :( "  As if the act of typing this message alone were enough to exorcise the demons of my lethargy (that and the playfully taunting messages from Joe from Suburban Wino and Josh from Drink Nectar), my fingers start to fly across my keyboard, pounding out the very words that you are reading now.  Wow, there is a certain postmodernist narrative on a narrative thing going on here…, weird.

Anyway, today I am being deflowered as a Wine Blogging Wednesday blogger.  For those not in the know, Wine Blogging Wednesday was originally started by super-blogger Lenn Thompson of New York Cork Report fame.  Our gracious host this month is yet another behemoth of blogging, Joe Roberts from 1WineDude, and our theme is "Seeing Red For the First Time."  The challenge set before us is to find the perfect red wine to convert a white wine drinker to the dark side of the juice.

This is a much more difficult assignment than I originally thought that it would be.  After thinking about it, I realized that there are number of directions that you could go with this one.  I could go with something Beaujolais, or with a nice smooth Pinot Noir, or perhaps with something lush and delicious.  The problem with this task is that, like anything else with wine, it totally depends on the palate in question.  My choice ultimately came down to two options that I have shared with new red wine drinkers in the past, a Pinot Noir and a fruity Zinfandel.  This time I've chosen to go with the Zin.

A few months ago I hosted a tasting at my house, and had several newer wine drinkers there.  One of the favorites of the evening was the 2007 Coppola Director's Cut Dry Creek Valley Zinfandel. 

The alcohol on
this one comes in at 14.5%.  The price of this wine starts at about $20.

The nose is beautiful, with loads of berry aromas, with cherry and raspberry, and some really nice floral notes, and a
little bit of chocolate.  This wine has a really creamy mouthfeel, with
some jammy red fruits on the palate and more chocolate.

This Zin is approachable and smooth, but with bold jammy flavors that many of my guests enjoyed.  The fact is that some didn't love this wine though.  Some found that it seemed too sweet for their tastes, and others just preferred something lighter.  There really isn't a single wine that can be depended on to bring our white guzzling, red skeptic friends over to the sexier side of the wine world.  different strokes will do the trick for different folks, so I always try to get a feel for what my friends like about the wines they drink before making a recommendation.  With it's fruity flavor, I think that a nice Zin has as good a shot as anything at appealing to a noob red drinker, and I think you could do a lot worse than the Coppola Director's Cut Zin.

So, to wrap this little post up, I though that you would like to know that I came in under the gun, and that I should be pushing the "Publish" button somewhere right around 11:05pm Texas time on Wednesday, which technically means that I managed to post my WBW entry on time.  Thanks to Joe Roberts for hosting us this month, and thanks to Joe and Josh for giving me the kick in the ass that I needed to get this post done tonight.