BottleShot_PinotageAs soon as I started seeing the word flying around that my fellow old school punk rocker and wine blogger Dezel from My Vine Spot was organizing a Pinotage Party on Twitter, I was in for sure.  Little did I realize that Pinotage was going to be a tough commodity to track down at the liquor stores here in West Texas.  I did find a bottle to bring to the party though, so here I am. 

The first step for my Pinotage Party was to crank some Beasty Boys, because I can't help but think of the song Sabotage when I'm drinking some Pinotage.  Now that you have the facts for the music that I'm listening to, on with the wine.

The Pinotage that I found is a 2007 Fleur Du Cap Pinotage.  I paid about $11 for this wine, and it weighs in at 14% on the alco-meter.  This wine is from South Africa.

The first sniff of this wine is like getting hit in the face with a cured ham.  I mean, bigtime ham aroma on this bad boy.  I also get some smoke, some rubber, and even a touch of a poopy smell.  Not going to lie, a lot of people are not going to love this nose.  I don't mind it though.  The flavor of the wine is really smoaky-oaky, with more meatiness.  There's fruit mixed in there some, but I have to say that it's somewhat obscured by the oak characteristics. 

I think that I really would have liked to get a little more fruit in this wine, but I actually kind of enjoyed it overall.  I think it's an ok wine for $11, although you probably aren't going to write home about it.  Definitely should make people happy who have a fetish for porky wines.  I think it's worth a try.


I'm revising my grade on this wine.  I think most people would probably not get into this wine.  I found it to be an interesting drink, although it really needs to be paired with some food.  I think that the average wine drinker might find this wine a bit off-putting, so I'm dropping it down a notch.