Casa_marinPrior to Texas rejoining the "Sucky Wine Shipping State Club", I placed an order from Cinderella Wine for the 2007 Casa Marin Vineyard Riesling.  I'm holding out hope that I will eventually be able to order wine from out of state retailers in the future, but it looks like this will be my last CW order for a while.  I'm sure glad I posted that last order.

The Casa Marin Riesling is a dry Chilean Riesling and comes in at 13.5% alcohol.  I got this bottle for about $16, but normal retail on it is $28.

The nose on this wine is big-time petrol and minerality.  Petrol is one of those descriptors that can seem a little off-putting for newer wine drinkers, but I really enjoy a little of this aroma in a Riesling.  I also am getting some lemon/lime aromas.  The flavor offers more of that minerality, along with a nice limey acidity.  I also pick up just a tad of smoke and some more petrol.  This wine is really crisp and dry, and has some nice acidity to it.

If you are like me and prefer a nice dry white to a sweet one, this is exactly how you like your Rieslings.  This is a wine that works great as a sipping wine, or with food.  I could just see myself sitting out on the patio in the summer with a glass of this wine.  I will definitely look for the Casa Marin Riesling again in the future and I would certainly recommend it, especially if you can find it for somewhere in the $16-$20 range.