Chianti A friend of mine is a member of the Wall Street Journal wine club and recently asked me if I would like to go in with him on a case of Italian wines.  One of the wines that I received from my half of the order was a 2008 Collezione di Paolo Chianti.  When the menu calls for pizza, this wine seems like a perfect choice.

This wine generally costs around $16 a bottle, and comes in at 13% ABV.  This Chianti has a real cork closure.

On the nose of this wine I get some blackberry and cherries, as well as currant and spices.  I get some nice earthy, meaty aromas in this wine.  The nose on this wine already makes me think that I need food to go along with it.  When I take a sip of this wine, I get some spiciness and cherries, with some nice earthiness.  This wine has a medium body, and some pretty nice structure and tannins.

By itself this wine is enjoyable, but with some pizza it turns into a really enjoyable wine.  Whenever I match up a decent Chianti with some pizza or lasagna, I always get the feeling that this is what wine is supposed to be.  Both the food and the wine are made better by each other, and what more could you ask.  I really enjoy this wine, and I don't think you will be disappointed if you buy it if you can get it for $12-15.