The Good

There was so much good stuff going on this week on blogs that I read, that I don’t think I can narrow it down to just one thing.  Here are three posts that I really enjoyed this week -


The Bad

This week I have to throw myself under the bus for the bad.  There was a nice little example this week of how it’s easy to make a mess of things in this limited accountability world of blogging and Twitter.  Yesterday my Twitter feed came across with this message:

RT @tomcwark: Why is @bgardner stealing my blog content and publishing it here: (Vino: I’m deleting the URL, as I don’t want to give the pirate anymore traffic) ….as though it was his own work???

I naturally thought, “How dare @bgardner steal Tom Wark’s work?  I’ll show him, I’m going to retweet this right away!”  So I did.  I noticed that a lot of other Twitter folks did the same thing, so a veritable retweet storm had started.  That would be great, accept that it turns out that @bgardner was just the designer who created the template for the website.

@DaveWebb: @tomcwark You guys erroneously pegged @bgardner as content pirate. Pirate is using his theme.

Someone was using his template to pirate other people’s traffic, and poor @bgardner was stuck in the middle.  I felt awful, and issued an apology.  Still, I know that the damage is already done.  The moral of this story, is to check into this kind of stuff more closely before you retweet.  You wouldn’t want your reputation sullied by something that was passed on by a bunch of people with a quick retweet reaction.

My most sincere and humble apologies to @bgardner for my part in yesterday’s fiasco.


The Ugly

This week, I feel that the good can also be ugly.  Another Twitter message that I got this week said,

Wine Whore Review:Tag-Team Threesome: Kiona Wine

Fortunately, the threesome in question only involved @TheWineWhore and @nectarwine drinking some @kionawine.  Still, not the kind of image that you want to have planted in your brain on a Monday morning.