The Good

I love seeing multiple approaches to the same issue.  This week there were two great posts about the same general topic.  One of them was possibly the funniest post I’ve read this year, and the other was a really well thought out exploration of the same topic.

Not that it matters, since nobody reads my posts but other bloggers, and I have no influence, but the first entry was by the great Hardy Wallace, and is spew wine out of your nose, crazy ass funny.  Doesn’t hurt that he also makes great points in the article.

The second is from Josh Wade on his Drink Nectar blog.  Josh’s post isn’t as funny (sorry Josh), but it is very insightful, and has really generated some great conversation.


The Bad

There is little in this world that is sadder than wasted beer.  The Grapes and Grains blog has the sad story, complete with video evidence, of the death of a homebrew.  It brought a tear to my eye.


The Ugly

Josh Hermsmeyer, aka the Pinot Blogger, whom I hope to defeat in the upcoming Wino Fantasy Baseball league, posted the following videos on Twitter.  This is two parts of the same episode, and I think we can all agree that part two locks up the Ugly for this week.  Enjoy!

Drink well, drink often, drink local!