The Good

The Good this week is a couple of fun tasting events that came up this week.

The first is by far the biggest Twitter tasting event that has taken place since I’ve been blogging.  The #CaliCabs event was open to everyone, and featured tweeters from around the country tasting their favorite California Cabernet(s) and then tweeting about them.  The driving force behind this event was Rick Bakas from St. Supery.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to personally participate due to a prior commitment, but I look forward to joining in on the next event like this.  I’m going to add links to blogs that have posts about their #CaliCabs experience.  If you have a post, or know of a post, about the event, leave it in the comments and I’ll add it here too.

The second event was organized by my boy Dezel from MyVineSpot.  Dezel organized a #pinotageparty with some other bloggers, which I will be posting on later today.  Check out MyVineSpot to see the roster of blogs that are doing some Pinotage tasting today.


The Bad

Steve Paulo at Notes From the Cellar squeaked into this post with his entry today.  The wine that he reviews today is the 2008 Wine Cube Cabernet Sauvignon / Shiraz (beware of any wine going by a name that sounds more like a video game console than a wine).  This wine has the dubious distinction of being the lowest scored wine ever to appear on Steve’s site.  This line alone makes this review worth reading -

It’s incredibly light-bodied, with a finish shorter than Danny DeVito in a catcher’s stance


The Ugly

Dale Cruse takes one for the team and reviews the infamous Thunderbird.  I filed this in the ugly because the thought of drinking Thunderbird makes me cringe, but the post itself is really great.  I love the cheap cigs in the picture with the TB.

Have a good weekend everybody, and remember that “Wine is meant to be punk!” (borrowing this phrase from Hardy Wallace @dirtysouthwine, with his permission.) :)