Well, there's one brewing over at Drink Nectar right now.  The people are speaking, and it sounds like the people are fed up.  Josh Wade, who is the Spokane wine guru behind Drink Nectar, has some outstanding points that I think that every wine drinker can relate with.  Here's a snippet -

Put yourself in the seat of an average or beginning wine drinker.
You’re enjoying your beautifully made prime rib with your date.
Glancing through the wine list causes you concern and great stress.
What will taste good with my dinner? What will impress my date? After
much deliberation you decide on the $7 glass of Bogle Zinfandel
(because you remember reading that your favorite blogger, www.drinknectar.com
said it was a decent value wine). You’d love to share a bottle, but the
restaurant has the bottle price at $28. OK, here’s the problem – you
can buy Bogle Zinfandel for $9 or less at the store…for the whole dang
bottle. At the typical 30% discount, the restaurant paid just $6.30 for
that bottle. That is more than a 400% mark-up! Would you stand for that
kind of mark-up for your TV, your car, your toothpaste?

But the problems aren't limited to the price.  Josh hits all of the problems that you typically see at restaurants when it comes to wine.  Head over and read the whole post, and get involved in the conversation.  I think that restaurants are leaving money on the table with the way they charge for wine.  What do you think?  Also, what are some restaurants in your area that do a good job with their wine?  I'll kick that conversation off by giving props to Manna Bread and Wine here in Lubbock, TX.  Great wine selection, reasonable markup on prices, and the wine is brought to you in an appropriate glass.