BeerThe irony of the fact that I drink wine pretty much every day, but chose to have a beer night on Drink Wine Day (is that really irony, or just Alanis Morisette irony?), is not lost on me.  It's probably just my punk rock roots showing themselves again.  It's my middle finger to the establishment.  It's me yelling out, "You tell me to drink wine today, well I'll show you!"  Or maybe it's just the fact that I forgot that yesterday was Drink Wine Day when I was planning my beer night.

I've been wanting to get some fellow beer drinkers together to enjoy a brew for a while now.  Here in Lubbock, out on the West Texas plains, there isn't really a great selection of craft beers available to purchase, so a lot of what we drank was pretty standard stuff.  We had a little Shock Top and some Negro Modelo.  One of my friends also brought some Odell Cutthroat Porter and some Avery Ellie's Brown Ale.  We also had some beer that I don't remember the name of from a local brewery, and I rounded out the list by buying some Delirium Tremens that I bought at World Market. 

The night was really just about hanging out and drinking some beer, so I didn't really do any full notes on the beers that I drank, but I do have a couple of thoughts from the night. 

Del20tremens1First, I think that Delirium Tremens is a bit overrated, (the beer, not the medical condition, which isn't really very highly rated in most people's books.)  I thought that it tasted suspiciously like a yeasty mouthwash.  Given the good ratings that I've seen for this beer, I should probably do a more thorough tasting before forming a definite opinion.  I did drink this after I had tried a much darker beer, so I may not have been getting the full effect of it's flavor.

Second impression is that Odell makes a helluva beer.  I only had a little of this porter, but I've had one of their IPAs in the past, and I really enjoyed it.  I need to find a way to get some more of their beers, because I've really enjoyed what I've had of theirs so far.