The answer is, not a whole hell of a lot.  I found one though.  Turns out that they are actually growing Pinot Noir right here in my own back yard.  I talked about this with the guys at Pheasant Ridge winery in my video interview the other day.  The winery provided me with samples of their Pinot Noir and of their Chardonnay to review.  In addition to the text review that I have here, you can also view a video review that I did for these wines in the video section of the Vinotology Facebook page.

Pheasant-Ridge-Winery-logo2005 Pheasant Ridge Chardonnay

The 2005 Pheasant Ridge Chardonnay comes in at 13% alcohol and will probably cost you somewhere between $13-15.  This wine is fermented in oak and then spends another 6 months in oak.

On the nose you can definitely tell that this is an oaked Chardonnay.  It has the aromas that you would expect, the vanilla and oak.  I don't find the oak to be overpowering, but it is definitely a factor in this wine.  I also get a lot of pear and Granny Smith apples, along with a touch of banana.  The taste of this wine is more oak and vanilla, along with some citrus and tropical flavors.

Overall, I think that this is a really nice wine if you like this style.  It's not going to be for everyone though.  On average, I will say that this is definitely worth a try, but for those who enjoy oaked Chardonnay, I think that this is a great wine.  Personally, I like this wine and will be buying it in the future.

2006 Pheasant Ridge Pinot Noir

IMG_Pheasant_vineyardThe 2006 Pheasant Ridge Pinot Noir comes in at only 12% alcohol, and runs only $15.  This Pinot Noir cellars for 2.5 years.

On the nose I get red fruits, with strong strawberry and raspberry components, as well as just a touch of mint, and a little bit of earthiness.  On the palate I get some nice sour cherries and raspberries.  This wine has some really great acidity that works well with food.  I enjoyed this wine with some pork chops, and it paired really nicely.

I found this wine to be an excellent value, especially when you factor in the normal prices for a good Pinot, not to mention the fact that this was a very limited release from the winery, with approximately 70 cases being produced.  I am going to have to go out to the winery and pick up some more of this wine.  If you want to try this wine, you better act fast – there isn't much left of this vintage. Definitely give this wine a try if you have a chance.  The only thing more rare than a Pinot Noir in Texas, is a good Pinot Noir.  This is definitely a good one.