When I originally read about this contest from The Wine Whore, I wasn't really planning on entering.  There wasn't really an earth shattering even attached to my wine history, and I don't really have any terribly interesting stories associated with wine.  Here in the final couple of days leading up to the deadline, I have decided that the whole point of the contest is really just to share about your love of wine with other enthusiasts, and that I can do.

Truth be told, the bottle of wine that changed my life was probably something that I didn't buy.  There are several times when I have come dangerously close to purchasing a bottle of wine (or three) from, and I can only imagine the response that would have awaited me when I brought the bottles home.  My marriage is much better for the occasional fits of restraint that I display in these moments.

I referenced this in a previous post, but the single bottle of wine that changed my life was a bottle of Becker Malbec.  Until I drank this wine, I was convinced that there were two kinds of wine, red and white.  There wasn't anything transcendent about this wine, although it was very good.  It was just the first time that I realized how much complexity and variation there could be in different wines.  This realization started me on a quest to try every varietal that I could get my hands on.  Since my first Malbec, I have expanded and refined my palate on a number of other wines, but I will always have a warm place in my heart for Malbec, because it was the variety that kicked off my love of wine.