Texas-flagBIG Ok, so that sounds far too official for what it really is, but that's just how I like to roll.  Everything is bigger in Texas (obligatory double entendre goes here), but are generally not as big as Texans would have you believe.  Still, this is pretty much huge.

One of my new favorite people on Twitter is @wineaccguy, who is currently working on launching the Wine(Accessorized) website (check out his blog chronicling the process here), and tweeting up a storm in the wine community.  He is based in North Carolina right now, but had mentioned that he was from Virginia and went to school there.  We have discussed Virginia and Texas wine in the past, and I mentioned that I have really been wanting to try some VA wine.  When he mentioned that he was going to be going to a tasting in VA, and that we should do a TX/VA wine exchange, I jumped on the opportunity.

Right now Texas and Virginia seem to be locked in a battle for the next spot on the list behind Virginia_state_flagthe big 4 wine regions (California, Washington, Oregon, and New York).  I recently saw an article on the VintageTexas blog that said that VA had passed TX in the number of wineries in the state, with Virginia having 163 and Texas coming in at 157.  I've been involved in some great discussions about what state will cause "The Other 46" to become "The Other 45".  There's really no telling whether any state will accomplish this in the near future, but it seems that TX and VA are among the leading contenders.

We are still working out the details of the exchange, but I look forward to sharing some Texas wine with Joshua, and to trying some Virginia wines.  Right now we are looking at exchanging a couple of bottles in the $20 range.  One of the most fun things about being into wine, is discovering new things.  It can be really difficult to track down wines from outside of the Big 4, so this is a really great opportunity to experience some wine that neither of us would normally get the chance to try.  Looking forward to sharing the results of the exchange with everyone.

What states do you think have the best change to join the Big 4?  What are some varieties that are doing well in your state?