What a big weekend for Texas, what with the National Championship game tonight, and the big Cowboys playoff game on Saturday.  Now there's even more big news for Texas.  The #txwine hashtag on the Twitterverse has been rocking this morning with announcements about the big Messina Hof Twitter Wine Taste-Off that will be held this weekend, January 10th, 2010.  The VintageTexas blog has the details about the event.  Here's an excerpt from the post -

The event will be conducted as a blind tasting they will taste
best-selling wines from California, France and other noted wine regions
side-by-side with the wines from Messina Hof. Following each flight,
the tasters will be asked to rate the wines using a U.C. Davis 20-point
method and identify which they think is the Texas and the non-Texas
wine. At the completion of the tasting, the names, vintages and
appellations of all wines will be disclosed.

The attendees will chronicle their experiences during the weekends
pre-activities on Saturday evening and the Twitter Taste-Off event on
Sunday morning on the social networking site, Twitter, using their
personal computer or hand-held device live.

This may not be the Judgment of Paris, but it sounds like a really fun event, as well as being a great opportunity to stack up some Texas wines against wines from some great wine producing regions.  I look forward to checking out the results.  If you are on Twitter, follow along using the #Messina_Hof and #TXWine hashtags.  If you have any interest in Texas wine, you should also be following @VintageTexas.