Local-wine-poster-rosie1 Saw a tweet from @TheOther46 (Brian Kirby in the real world) today that said,

I'm growing increasingly tired of the Wine Spectator skipping over the other 46 states. Thinking of canceling my subscription.

I totally agree with Brian on this.  I understand that California, Washington, Oregon, and New York are the main wine producing states in the country, but there are quality wines being produced elsewhere that deserve some attention.  There are some great bloggers who are trying to give some attention to wines being produced in states outside of the big 4.  I want to throw out some love for a few of these bloggers.  Take a look at these blogs if you want to learn more about what's going on in some of the Other 46 states.

The Other 46 – Of course, I have to start with Brian's blog.  Brian is one of the big proponents of local wine all over the country.  I constantly see him encouraging people to drink local, which is something I can really get behind.  It's amazing to me how many wine drinkers around the country are completely unfamiliar with the wines being produced in their own states.  Check out Brian's blog, and drink some local wine.  Also, you can follow @TheOther46 on Twitter.

Michigan by the Bottle – Michigan is one of the states that I occasionally hear people talk about when they are discussing wine from outside of the Big 4.  I wasn't really very familiar with the kinds of wine that are being produced in Michigan until recently.  I discovered this blog when the blog's author, Shannon Casey, responded to a post that I did on a Texas Cabernet Franc, and let me know that Michigan has been doing some exciting things with Cab Franc.  He has been doing some great video blogs here recently, including one on Cab Franc, and also posts other great info on Michigan wine.  You should definitely visit his blog, and follow him on Twitter @MichbytheBottle.

My Vine Spot – I have just recently started reading the blog written by Virginia wine blogger Dezel Quillen.  This blog has a lot of great posts about Virginia wines and wineries.  Dezel has visited a lot of wineries, both in Virginia and in other states, and does some great reviews of local wines.  Don't think that this blog isn't worth reading if you aren't interested in Virginia wines though.  Dezel writes great reviews about wines from other places as well.  Always a good read.  Follow on Twitter @myvinespot.

Vintage Texas – This blog is written by Texas wine guru, Russ Kane.  Russ has forgotten more about Texas wine than most people will ever know.  He travels all over the state, and is on top of pretty much everything having to do with the Texas wine scene.  On top of the great content on his blog, Mr. Kane is a prolific tweeter, sending out all kinds of great information from his Twitter account, which you can follow @VintageTexas.

This is really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to great local blogs, but I wanted to give a few of the people that I read a shout out.  There are others that I like to read, and I'm going to beat myself up later for not mentioning some of you.  What are some blogs that you like to read that have a focus on local wines?  If you write a blog that features wines or wine info from The Other 46, feel free to drop a link to your own blog in the comments.


I knew I would forget some people that I read regularly who feature local wine stuff.  The Atlanta Wine Guy and Wine Tonite are both great bloggers from Georgia.  If you read these two blogs, I think you will know about pretty much anything that is going on in the Atlanta wine scene.  Great folks.