Cabernet_franc I love drinking wine that was grown and/or produced locally, so I have been really excited to try out the 2008 Becker Vineyards Cabernet Franc that is made entirely from grapes grown here in the High Plains of Texas.  These grapes were practically grown in my backyard, and some of them were grown by my good friends at the Bingham Family Vineyards.

I was given this bottle as a gift, but you can typically find this wine locally for around $17 or $18.  The alcohol in this wine is 13%.

The first thing that I get on the nose of this wine is a somewhat musky chocolate aroma, followed by some cedar and strawberry jam.  I'm also getting a little spice and floral components on the nose.  The Becker Claret that I reviewed a while back has 7% Cab Franc in it, and now I can really see how some of the characteristics of that wine might have been coming from the Cab Franc.  I'm getting some similar aromas.  On the palate I'm getting a lot more of the floral component, as well as some dirt and raspberry.  To be honest, I enjoy the nose on this wine a bit more than I do the taste.

I didn't dislike this wine, but it really doesn't wow me either.  I think that the nose is pretty enjoyable, but the palate just doesn't really do much for me.  I really think that you can find better options in the price point, so I would probably pass on this one next time.  That being said, my friend who gave me this wine told me that this wine was a little bit polarizing, and that people either liked it or they didn't.  I can only rate based on my tastes though, and given the price, I feel a little "meh" about this one.