The Good

There were a couple of good posts that came out about social media for wineries since my last installment of TGB&U -

Josh over at Drink Nectar has posted on the topic of social media in the past, and makes some really great points on the topic.  His post on Facebook status tweeting points out a mistake that a lot of us who use both Twitter and Facebook have been guilty of in the past.  It’s really annoying.

Shannon at Michigan by the Bottle has a great post called Eight Things Wine Lovers Want from Wineries on Twitter.  He’s going to be involved in a panel at the Michigan Grape & Wine Conference , and will be sharing some social media knowledge with folks there.  I hope that the wineries in Michigan take advantage of the opportunity, and listen closely.

The Bad

If I make it through this section without a single profanity emanating from my fingers, I will consider it a personal triumph.  This week, the bad is hitting close to home.  A Texas Appellate Court overturned an earlier ruling by a judge, allowing the purchase of wine from out of state retailers.  As I wrote in my post on this topic yesterday, this reversal means that Texas wine drinkers will not be able to purchase wine from online retailers, such as Wine Library or  So much for Texas being a “free market” state.

The Ugly

One of my favorite blogs right now is VINEgeek, which is produced by fellow Texan, Jim Wilkerson.  He gives awesome wine reviews, and always has a really interesting “free association” for each wine he reviews.  There’s a lot of variation in how literal his associations are, but they tend toward the arcane.  One such free association (for a great review by the way) can be found in this post.  This image made me feel extremely weird about one of my childhood infatuations.