The Good

Big news coming out of Massachusetts about shipping laws in the state. The 1st Circuit Court of
Appeals upheld a lower court ruling that could open the door for
wine lover in Massachusetts to purchase more of their favorite wines
online or by mail order directly from producers.  Right now MA law restricts consumers from ordering wine directly from out of state producers.  Dr. Vino posted about this on his blog, and you can read more about it in this article as well.  Any progress on wine shipping laws is a good thing.

The Bad

There was a lot of conversation on Twitter about this post on whether or not bloggers are writers.  The post really seems to be more geared towards whether or not bloggers are GOOD writers.  It seems clear to me that bloggers who actually write content, as opposed to posting pictures, videos, links, etc., are writers.  Blogging is a specific type of writing, just like poetry, play writing, and journalism are types of writing.  Within each of these disciplines there are good writers and bad writers, but all of them are writers.  I will happily concede that there is a valid argument to be had about whether or not the medium of the blog represents a devolution in writing, but I think that the argument was poorly executed in this particular post.  Okay, ending rant now.

The Ugly

There is very little that I can say about this item that I found on The Wine Whore blog that the image, which haunted my dreams last night, doesn’t say for itself.  So, I will simply leave you with this -