I keep seeing all of these wine trip contests going around Twitter and Facebook.  In the last week I have seen contests for prizes in Italy, Austria, and Argentina. I also saw that fellow wine blogger @Sonadora left for Portugal this week, and @Makerstable had a great post on Palate Press about her honeymoon in the Rhone (Part 1 & Part 2). All of these trips have gotten me thinking about where I would go if I could choose one place for a wine trip.

There are so many great locations that a person could go for a wine vacation.  You can go to Napa, or to Tuscany.  There's Mendoza, Burgandy, or Rioja. Right now I would have to say that I would choose Tuscany. I have been totally crushing on Italian wines here recently, and the combination of food and wine there just seems like something that would be incredible to experience.

So, if you could only choose one wine region to go on vacation, where would it be? I would also love to hear cool stories about places that you have been. Please share.